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The web hosting options are endless…

You have got Windows web hosting, Unix web hosting, Linux web hosting and a host (see what I did there?) of scripts such as CGI, ASP, PHP, JSP, Chili!Soft ASP, Cold Fusion all designed to create dynamic web pages, along with Dreamweaver and Frontpage helping you put it all together.

Here at, we will explore these “endless” options to the point where they will not seem so endless anymore.

Check out our Hosting page for a detailed look at Windows, Unix and Linux hosting solutions. Check our our Scripts page for a snapshot of the pros and cons of the various scripting languages out there. Then check out our website page to see Dreamweaver and Frontpage go toe – to – toe.

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On this page, we will give you the run down and pros & cons for the various web hosting databases choices out there. Its an easy check list to follow especially when your mind has so many other things on it.

Basically, if your website needs to update copious quantities of info via the web, you will need a database to store that information. There are many choices at your disposal, most commonly MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and MS Access. An example would be an e commerce site that sells std/sti test kits on for a variety of different stds. Let’s do a break down of the type of data you would need for just one test: Chlamydia. First you have all the images of the product, then there’s the pricing info, and promotional images for each std test kit, images for a slide show, etc. You will need content for the product page of each style as well as the page that shows the specific std/sti test kit. You will need a database that can pull all the information for each test for the shopping cart and check out process, and for any search functions on the site such as searching for a specific test via its name. There may be automated content for SEO purposes that pulls content data to populate additional content. Depending upon the store’s need, the webmaster will need to consider:

The language used for accessing databases is SQL. If you want your site to be able to store / retrieve data from a database, make sure that your server has access to a database system that uses the SQL language.

Microsoft SQL Server

One popular choice is Microsoft’s SQL Server, a powerful and full-featured SQL database system that’s perfect for sites with high traffic.


Another popular and robust database software choice that is great for database – driven web sites with high traffic would be Oracle. It is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that is produced and distributed by Oracle Corporation.


Another popular database software choice is MySQL. One key reasons why it is so popular is that it is a relatively inexpensive alternative to the pricier Microsoft and Oracle solutions.


If your website requirements are simple (i.e. one database), Microsoft Access might be the perfect solution. Not as powerful and robus as MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle, Access is not well-suited to sites with very high traffic.

We are sure that what you need will be on this list but let us know if we are missing anything or you have any other questions.

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