Choices II

I know there are young children in todays education system who have much more knowledge & understanding of many computer systems. There are computers in every classroom & kids learn to use electronics while they are still in the crib. It frightens me to think about how smart they will be when they graduate. They will be so technologically advanced that they will be able to do just about anything they want with computers & technology. I was not like that at all. I had old computers in my school & there were not any inside of my classroom. It was not until I reached high school that I even got my first real taste of computers.

I took an I.T. class as an elective & it perked my interest in the subject. I actually got to take the computers apart & work on the hardware. I got to work on the software & programming as well to an extent. Anytime there was a computer problem at our school they called us & considered it fixed. All the teachers knew was they sent us a broken computer & got a working one back. They did not take any interest in how it happened & they were always extra extremely happy when we returned it. Most of those problems were small & easy to fix. There was never any real training behind the class but as I said it perked my interest.

After high school I tried college for a while & I focused on business but it was not for me because it caused me & my family too many financial hardships. I ended up at I.T.T. tech. I learned all about programming & networking. I spent my time there learning very practical information which could be transferred almost immediately into the real world. It took me a couple of years & it was not easy but eventually I did graduate. I found a job about 2 weeks after getting out of school & have never looked back. I still go in for advanced development of my skills & I am always using them to stay sharp.

I am very proud of what I have accomplished. I have a nice life & I am able to enjoy many things at one point of my life were just a dream. I have a nice house & family. My wife does not need to work which means she can focus on raising the young ones. I don’t have to break my back at work & I am not paying off college loans years after graduating. I have been out of school & working for 2 years & I am debt free from school loans.

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