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Here on this page, we’ll explore the most common types of web hosting solutions: Windows, Unix and Linux.

Windows Web Hosting

Windows hosting means the hosting of web services that run on the Windows operating system.

When should you opt for Windows hosting? If you plan on using ASP (Active Server Pages) as server scripting, or if you’re going to use a database such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server. There are other reasons but there are not quite as crucial as if you are using Active Server Pages.

As well, if you plan on developing your website using Microsoft Front Page, Windows hosting is the best choice to use.

Unix Hosting

Unix hosting means the hosting of web services that run on the Unix operating system.

Unix has the distinction of the being first, original web server operating system, and it is – as it was back then – known its excellent reliability and stability. Another clear plus is that it’s usually cheaper (considerably) than Windows.

Linux Hosting

Linux hosting means the hosting of web services that run on the Linux operating system. Based on the Linux kernel, Linux is a Unix-like operating systems. Their distinction? It’s a prominent example of an open souce, free software collaboration – meaning in most cases, all of its underlying source code can be used, modified freely, and redistributed commercially and non-commercially by anyone under licenses such as the GNU GPL.

Linus can be installed on a wide variety of hardware, from embedded devices, mobile phones, watches(!) all the way up to supercomputers. Gaining in popularity over recent years – largely due to the very popular Ubuntu distribution and the first incarnation of the new netbooks that hit the scene.

Examples of commonly-used Linux applications include the Mozilla Firefox web-browser and the office application suite, OpenOffice.org.

There are several options available & you would be wise to determine the best choice before moving forward with any of them. You must remember that making the best design the executing it properly can save you a lot of time & money in the long run. Not to mention the amount of heartache & grief it can save. My dad always used to tell me “measure twice, cut once.” Well, that is not entirely true. He waited until I cut a 2 X 4 too short, then he sent me to find the board stretcher so we could fix the problem. I must have looked in the barn for about an hour before he came in & explained he was kidding. He told me there was no way to stretch the board & we would just use it for something else. I learned a lot that day.

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